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Give me 2 hours and I’ll show you how AI can help you
outsmart, out-market, and out sell your fiercest competition


Save $100 and pay only $49

Imagine the competitive advantage you’d have knowing how to use Al to:

Supercharge Your Marketing Strategy:

Empower your team to envision, design, and deploy dynamic 6-month marketing master plans in mere weeks, setting the stage for unprecedented growth.

Unleash an Unfair Advantage:

Equip your marketing mavens with the tools to craft irresistibly engaging content that converts, slashing content creation time and setting your brand apart.

Transform Sales Conversations:

Revolutionise how your sales force interacts with leads. Foster deep connections and understanding, akin to lifelong friendships, by pinpointing and addressing pain points even before the sales dance begins, catapulting close rates to new heights.

Become a Marketing Powerhouse:

Morph your enterprise into a lead-generating behemoth, where hot leads flow and revenue soars. Achieve all this with seamlessly integrated systems that demand minimal upkeep, letting you focus on what you do best – scaling your business to new summits.

That's the Artificial Intelligence LIVE Demonstration you'll receive when you come to AI Influence Summit.

It doesn't matter what industry you're in ... It doesn't matter what you sell ... Artificial Intelligence has placed massive opportunities right in the palm of your hand, and at AI Influence Summit I'm going to show you how you can take advantage of them to scale to 7- and 8-figures faster than ever before.

You Know It As Well As I Do: Business As Usual Is Dead

Get ready to make a million dollar jump in your revenue with the power of blazingly-fast, ultra-smart Artificial Intelligence.

There’s no reason to sugarcoat it — mastering A.I right now is an absolute must — a sure bet:

  • Like investing in Amazon when it was just an online bookstore…
  • Like buying Apple before the first iPhone was launched…
  • Like owning eBay when it was a fledgling auction site, or Cloud Computing when Salesforce was still in its infancy…

Let’s Not Mince Words: Attending This 2-Hour Live In-Person A.I. Summit Is A No-Brainer, Slam-Dunk Decision.

Get ready to scale your business and skyrocket your revenue with the power of the most potent, blazingly-fast, ultra-smart, Artificial Intelligence platforms.

Faster than the blink of an eye … capable of crunching a mountain of data and monetising it for businesses in mere seconds.

Business pioneers who are the first to harness the power of the A.I revolution will outsmart, out-market and out sell their fiercest competitors.

Million-Dollar Jumps Have NEVER Been More Achievable Than They Are Right Now — Especially For 6-Figure Businesses

Here in Australia alone, more than 200 businesses have received an average of $361,000 of additional revenue for every AI project that was implemented … and AI has saved them upwards of 30% on existing processes.

🚀 Yates Gardening uses AI to monitor weather patterns and email customers weather information based on location and plant preferences — creating an additional sales opportunity for recommending specific products in real time as customers would need them

🚀 MetCash, a wholesale distribution and marketing company, uses AI to predict the outcome of any promotional campaign and pricing change — allowing them to make data-driven decisions and remove human error and biases so their campaigns are optimised and ROI is drastically increased

🚀Perx Health, a small health technology company, uses AI-powered tools to help businesses improve employee productivity and reduce healthcare costs by analysing extensive health data gathered from their teams


AI is here!

— and the longer you wait to integrate it into your day-to-day operations and organisational structure, the more market share you’ll lose each day, the further behind everyone else you’ll fall, and the more resources you’ll have to use to just get back on an even playing field

After Analysing More Than 2,000 Businesses Who Have Successfully Adopted AI and Successfully Implementing It Myself, This Is What I Know

Over 1000 new AI tools were launched last week and the majority of business owners still have no idea what ChatGPT is…

They’re forcing themselves into a position where they’re inevitably left behind and filled with regret a few years from now, exactly like hundreds of thousands were after they failed to act when the social media opportunity was in front of them.

While smaller businesses can continue to get by executing operations manually thanks to their smaller scope — the more complex processes, structures, systems, and data sets of larger businesses have AI primed to help them streamline their processes, automate repetitive tasks, improve customer service, maximise productivity and make more informed decisions based on data insights.

… all leading to bigger market shares, greater revenue, and larger profit margins.

I was initially planning to run Scale with AI Summit in Q4, but with how fast things are moving and industries are being disrupted, I’ve decided to do it sooner.

The risk of waiting has never been more real, and the consequences for businesses have never been more damaging than they are right now… as you know, that means the opportunities for businesses have not been this fruitful either.

There are Massive MILLION-DOLLAR JUMP Opportunities right in front of you — AI can help you to capitalise on them

Automate and optimise routine or “mundane” processes to save both time and money, whilst exponentially increasing both on the back-end

Predict customer preferences and buying behaviours, as well as tailor detailed marketing plans to fast-track content creation, generate quality leads, and drastically increase revenue

Use intelligent agents that offer 24/7 customer service to address a broad and growing array of issues from password requests to technical support questions— all in the customer’s natural language

Use cognitive insights to minimise operational efficiencies, make better decisions, and avoid “human error” in all departments — achieving a higher level of quality of work

Identify credit fraud in real time to detect insurance claims fraud and analyse warranty data to identify safety or quality problems in automobiles and other manufactured products

Increase personalisation, engagement, and sales using product and service recommendation systems for retailers, and internal sites for answering employee questions on topics including IT, employee benefits, and HR policy

Give me two hours and I will personally give you an introduction to how AI is disrupting the business space so you’re prepared to benefit from it and make a million-dollar jump in your revenue.

You’ll have an unfair advantage over your competition that rivals that of the Model-T Ford against a horse-drawn cart.

Join me and get ahead-of-the-curve by glimpsing how AI is already changing the business landscape. I’m giving you a head start on the power of AI tools already being used by global businesses.

This Is The First Time I’ve Ever Shared This With
Businesses Doing $
500,000+ Outside of The K2 Elite Family

… and those exclusive community members pay tens of thousands of dollars a year for this high level of AI information, implementation, strategy, scaling tactics, and organisational development.

As you can see, that’s thousands of dollars of value — a reflection of what you will receive at Scale with AI Summit.

When you attend Scale with AI Summit however, you’ll only pay $149


Save $100 and pay only $49

PREPARATION IS POWER… the business owners that know WHAT to expect, how to act on it, and adapt fast will be one of the few that WIN BIG over this next decade

Join me for Scale with AI Summit and get an overview and introduction on how AI can support you to make a million-dollar jump in your business — from $500,000 to $1M to $10M or $10M to $100.

Every single business will be impacted by AI within the next 12 months… this is your opportunity to guarantee that impact is beneficial and growth-positive for your business and be in the 1% of businesses who reap the mass benefits that exist using AI.

Kerwin Rae is Australia’s Leading Business & Performance Specialist. With more than 10 years running successful companies through global disruptions and mass economic hardships, Kerwin has identified the formula to scaling with AI. 

He will give you this exact formula during your night together at the Scale with AI Summit.