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Step 3: Protect your time to train

Registering is the easy bit. The true test though is do you have the grit to show up and do the training? Do you have it in you to show up and do the work?

Statistically for free events about 70% of people who register don’t show up and 30% do.

The reason there is so much room at the top is because most people don’t even show up and even less again do the bloody work.

So I have one question – are you in the 70% or the 30%? 

Chances are you already know the answer and I’m cool either way but are you ok with it?  

If you know you’re in the 30% good for you it’s only a matter of time, however, if you know you’re in the 70% things have to change now because things that don’t change, don’t change.

Let me help you regardless of what you answered – let’s do the work!

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