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Tuesday, January 23rd, The Crown.

This Is What Perth Business Owners Need To Know About Artificial Intelligence To Scale At Record Speeds in 2024

For The FIRST TIME EVER, I’m Bringing Scale With AI Summit To Perth








*until the next LIVE & IN PERSON Scale with AI Summit.

AI Has Placed Massive Opportunities For
Rapid Scale Right In The Palm Of Your Hand.

The First Month We Adopted AI In The Business We BROKE Our Best Month’s Revenue … By Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars

Business growth and success comes from identifying trends early, catching them as they’re building, and riding them to scale past 7, and 8-figures fast.

If history has taught us anything it’s that the businesses that get in early win big.

  • Like Jeff Bezos launching Amazon at the start of the Internet.
  • Like Bill Gates getting into computers just before the industry took off.
  • Like Sergey Brin and Larry Page launching Google just as the Internet hit mass adoption.

They were in the right place, at the right time, and saw the right opportunity.

The current trend that is forming right now is Artificial Intelligence.

And the only difference between this trend and the ones that catapulted Bezos, Gates, Brin and Page to success is this …

… they were children’s toys compared to what Artificial Intelligence is.

With AI, we are still in the early days — but it won’t be this way for much longer.

Failing to act now will see you miss out on the biggest opportunity businesses have ever seen.

AI can help to predict the outcome of any promotional campaign and pricing change — make data-driven decisions and remove human error and biases so your campaigns are optimised and ROI is drastically increased.

Use Artificial Intelligence to find the cost inefficiencies in all operations and departments to reduce overheads by up to 30%.

AI can help automate and optimise routine or “mundane” processes to save both time and money, whilst exponentially increasing the time your staff has and your revenue on the back-end.

AI can provide data-rich information to give you insights into operational efficiencies and avoid “human error” in all departments — achieving a higher level of quality of work.

AI can help to optimise your stock on hand by only ordering products that you know with certainty people will buy right now, and are likely to buy in the future.

AI can predict customer preferences and buying behaviours, as well as tailor detailed marketing plans to fast-track content creation, generate quality leads, and drastically increase revenue.

The Latest Trend Is Here, And If You Don’t Act Now You’re Going To Be Forced To Play Catch Up For Years To Come

Will you be one of the leading business owners who takes advantage of Artificial Intelligence before it’s too late?


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Most Small Business Owners See Artificial Intelligence As A Risk … I See It As The Greatest Opportunity We’ve Ever Seen.

If You Think AI Is Just About “ChatGPT”, This Is What You Need To Know.

Artificial Intelligence is like a brain for machines and computers, helping them to assist businesses and staff to do their jobs better and faster than ever before.

With AI, these machines can think, learn, and even make decisions in a way that is almost like a human.

Instead of learning from teachers or books like humans do, Artificial Intelligence learns from data — it’s like they’re reading thousands of books at once or watching endless hours of videos to learn and then act.

This creates unrivalled potential for businesses, especially when they know what Artificial Intelligence can help them with.

There are already thousands of Australian Businesses and Companies currently using AI to help with many tasks:

  • AI can suggest products to your visitors based on what they’re more likely to buy based on historical data and preferences.
  • AI can help process mountains of data in seconds, analyse it and provide a simple and easy to understand summary of the most important parts.
  • AI can analyse market trends, property values, and local amenities to recommend property prices or suggest ideal properties to potential buyers.
  • AI can customise learning experiences for coaching members and mastermind based programs. Based on a student’s performance and preferences, AI can suggest specific lessons or resources, helping students learn more effectively.
  • AI can predict which leads are most likely to convert into customers based on past behaviours, and categorise them into distinct segments so that marketing can be customised to suit their buying habits.

Join Me LIVE & IN PERSON as I showcase how Artificial Intelligence can help you scale to 7 & 8+ figures faster than ever before in history. 

One member of our K2 Elite Community was able to create 12 months’ worth of reports in just 5 weeks – streamlining their delivery to clients, whilst increasing their revenue simply because they could take on more clients.

Imagine knowing how Artificial Intelligence can integrate into your marketing department so that your team can plan, create, and execute 6 month marketing plans in just a few weeks.

Imagine knowing how Artificial Intelligence can help your sales team communicate with leads and prospects like lifelong friends; individualising conversations and creating a level of rapport, trust and understanding of their specific pain points BEFORE they begin the sales process.

Imagine knowing how Artificial Intelligence can help your admin and finance departments communicate with clients, sort documents, and analyse years’ worth of records in a fraction of the time it normally takes.

That’s the Artificial Intelligence overview you’ll receive when you come to Scale with AI Summit.

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in … It doesn’t matter what you sell … Artificial Intelligence has placed massive opportunities right in the palm of your hand, and at Scale with AI Summit I’m going to show you how you can take advantage of them to scale to 7- and 8-figures faster than ever before.

Kerwin Rae is Australia’s Leading Business & Performance Specialist. With more than 10 years running successful companies through global disruptions and mass economic hardships, Kerwin has identified the formula to scaling with AI.

He will give you this exact formula during your evening together at the Scale with AI Summit.