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For business owners who want trackable & profitable growth…

Discover Kerwin Rae’s AI Marketing Blueprint for Scaling to 7-8 Figures per Year!








*until the next LIVE & IN PERSON Scale with AI Summit.

IMPORTANT: This Live & In Person Event is only for business owners doing $200,000+ in annual revenue who want to cut their workload by 70%, maximise their revenue, and understand how Artificial Intelligence can transform the way they market, sell, build their culture, and scale their business.

Some of the Things You’ll Discover When You Attend (Live with demos):

  • How to find and attract qualified leads on repeat, even if you’re selling in a huge market or a small niche. 
  • How to create a Facebook AI Funnel, without needing a marketing team or expensive marketing agencies
  • How to create irresistible messaging that drives action, and moves prospects through your marketing funnel, from unaware to loyal customers that keep coming back.
  • How to get a ton of brand awareness and engagement on social media by creating quality content that gets likes, shares, and purchases. Fully automated with AI.
  • How to create top-tier ads, social media posts, emails, scripts, sales pages, videos, SEO articles, and other marketing material 20 times faster.
  • Increase Influence in your sales funnel to increase conversions and close rates.
  • The exact processes, methods, and tools we’ve used to build sales funnels and ad campaigns that generated 6+ figures per month in revenue.

Plus other practical tactics and strategies that you’ll see in-action live, and you’ll be able to implement as soon as you get home from the event. 

AI is no longer the novelty it used to be. 

More and more AI sceptics are becoming advocates.

And those who remain stuck in their anti-AI bubble can be brushed aside, because soon enough they won’t be able to compete in the market. 

The pace of implementation is accelerating and the average business owner is left with a simple choice:

Implement AI and keep up with the rest of the world.

Act like AI doesn’t exist and eventually get pushed out of the market.
For the savvy, the first option is the obvious choice. 

If you’re reading this, you probably think the same. 

And that automatically puts you at an advantage compared to all the sceptics out there.

However, wanting to implement AI is not the same as actually implementing it.

This is where the true difference is being made. 

The average business owner will implement AI by buying a ChatGPT subscription. 

They’ll use it for a few days or maybe weeks to create some random blog posts or ads, and then they’ll either pass it to an employee that will do almost nothing with it… or they’ll give up entirely, continue to pay for the subscription (to feel like they’re keeping up with the world), and never use it again. 

These business owners “use” AI just to signal they’re up to speed, even though they have no clue what they’re doing.

AI Influence Summit is not for them.

And if your goal with AI is to scratch the surface, pay for a few random tool subscriptions, and then lie to yourself that you’re making progress because of this… then this event is not for you.

I want to make this clear from the very start, so that we don’t waste your and our time. 

With that out of the way, let’s talk about what you’ll learn at AI Influence Summit, and how that will help you scale your business to 7, and even 8 figures per year. 

 Join ME LIVE & IN PERSON at AI Influence Summit as I showcase how Artificial Intelligence can help you scale to 8 figures faster than  ever before in history.

Before Attending Scale with AI Summit

  • Believes A.I. is just a fad and another shiny object, unsure of how to actually use it.

  • Cannot see how to scale your business without working crazy hours every day

  • Wasting your time with freelancers, staff or trying to do it all yourself.

  • Messing around with A.I. but not sure how to use it to rapidly SCALE your business.

  • Thinking that ChatGPTᵀᴹ is the best of A.I. (this is just the tip of the iceberg)

 After Attending Scale with AI Summit

  • Be fully equipped with the knowledge that A.I. is not just a trend, but a game-changer to scale your business.

  • Know the specific A.I. powered marketing techniques that scale businesses and maintain consistent business momentum.

  • Streamline your operations, confidently bypassing boring tasks, and leverage A.I. for optimal business efficiency.

  • Integrate A.I. into your business, not just as an experiment, but as a surefire way to scale faster.

    Imagine the competitive advantage you’d have knowing how to use Al to:

    Supercharge Your Marketing Strategy:

    Empower your team to envision, design, and deploy dynamic 6-month marketing master plans in mere weeks, setting the stage for unprecedented growth.

    Unleash an Unfair Advantage:

    Equip your marketing mavens with the tools to craft irresistibly engaging content that converts, slashing content creation time and setting your brand apart.

    Transform Sales Conversations:

    Revolutionise how your sales force interacts with leads. Foster deep connections and understanding, akin to lifelong friendships, by pinpointing and addressing pain points even before the sales dance begins, catapulting close rates to new heights.

    Become a Marketing Powerhouse:

    Morph your enterprise into a lead-generating behemoth, where hot leads flow and revenue soars. Achieve all this with seamlessly integrated systems that demand minimal upkeep, letting you focus on what you do best – scaling your business to new summits.

    That's the Artificial Intelligence LIVE Demonstration you'll receive when you come to AI Influence Summit.

    It doesn't matter what industry you're in ... It doesn't matter what you sell ... Artificial Intelligence has placed massive opportunities right in the palm of your hand, and at AI Influence Summit I'm going to show you how you can take advantage of them to scale to 7- and 8-figures faster than ever before.

    My Promise if You Attend AI Influence Summit: You’ll Leave With a Clear Blueprint For Getting Qualified Prospects, Converting Them Into Clients, and Keeping Them Paying – All Automated with The Help of AI!


    Crown Melbourne

    6:30pm Tue 30 April



    The Star Event Centre

    6:30pm Wed 1 May



    Pullman Brisbane King George Square
    6:30pm Thu 2 May


    VIP TICKET ($198)

    • Exclusive 2-hour Live In-Person Training With Kerwin Rae
    • AI Tools Companion Guide
    • The “Scaling Business Growth with Artificial Intelligence ” eBook ($97 value)
    • Exclusive K2 Elite Keynote from our Chief AI Officer
    • C-Suite Planning, Productivity, and Performance Video Training ($297)
    • Early Checkin at 5:45pm and Priority Seating and Access ($197 value)


    • Exclusive 2- hour Live In-Person Training With Kerwin Rae
    • AI Tools Companion Guide
    • Doors open 6:00pm

    I promise that after attending AI Influence Summit, you’ll have the knowledge, the processes, the tools and the right mindset to implement AI into your business, to build your own AI-powered marketing machine.

    You won’t receive theory, fairy tales or BS. You’ll get practical strategies and tactics that are proven to work.

    No Marketing, Coding, or Tech Experience Required!

    The only requirement for this event to work for you, is to implement what you’ll discover.

    You won’t have to hire new employees.

    You won’t need to pay for marketing or development agencies.

    It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in… It doesn’t matter what you sell… It doesn’t matter what previous experience you have… Artificial Intelligence has placed massive opportunities right in the palm of your hand, and at the AI Influence Summit I’m going to show you how you can take advantage of them to scale to 7- and 8-figures faster than ever before.

    Tickets are limited – save $100 by purchasing an executive ticket for just $49!

    Join Me LIVE & IN PERSON as I showcase how Artificial Intelligence can help you scale to 7 & 8+ figures faster than ever before in history. 

    One member of our K2 Elite Community was able to create 12 months’ worth of reports in just 5 weeks – streamlining their delivery to clients, whilst increasing their revenue simply because they could take on more clients.

    Imagine knowing how Artificial Intelligence can integrate into your marketing department so that your team can plan, create, and execute 6 month marketing plans in just a few weeks.

    Imagine knowing how Artificial Intelligence can help your sales team communicate with leads and prospects like lifelong friends; individualising conversations and creating a level of rapport, trust and understanding or their specific pain points BEFORE they begin the sales process.

    Imagine knowing how Artificial Intelligence can help your admin and finance departments communicate with clients, sort documents, and analyse years’ worth of records in a fraction of the time it normally takes.

    That’s the Artificial Intelligence overview you’ll receive when you come to Scale with AI Summit.

    It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in … It doesn’t matter what you sell … Artificial Intelligence has placed massive opportunities right in the palm of your hand, and at Scale with AI Summit I’m going to show you how you can take advantage of them to scale to 7- and 8-figures faster than ever before.

    Kerwin Rae is Australia’s Leading Business & Performance Specialist. With more than 10 years running successful companies through global disruptions and mass economic hardships, Kerwin has identified the formula to scaling with AI.

    Kerwin specializes in educating, training and supporting business owners to identify, plan and manage your marketing, sales and strategic planning in order to grow your business fast.

    He provides you the tools, strategies, and tactics to accelerate your growth and overcome any obstacles you may encounter on your journey as an entrepreneur. 

    With a specific blueprint for success that’s been created from 21 years of experience  helping over 100,000 businesses in 154 different industries and 11 countries around the world, you’re in safe hands.

    Get ready to receive this exact formula during your evening together at the Scale with AI Summit.